Kat Scheepstra

Kat is a Strength Coach at Iron Performance Center. She believes that, if you are willing to show up and persevere through any challenge, any experience is an opportunity to learn and better oneself. Kat has a Bachelor of Physical Education Degree from Brock University. Additionally, she is in her final stages of receiving her Masters of Science in Applied Health Science (Kinesiology) and is in the process of obtaining her CSCS certification.

​Kat believes in using her past experiences training clientsof all abilities to bring different perspectives to the training process in order to provide each client a program that works best for them. As a former competitive athlete, Kat understands that burn out is very real and balance in life is important. She understands that 110% effort from her clients isn’t always possible and is prepared to support each client on the good and bad days.

​Kat understands that each client brings something different to the table and will require different methods and techniques to maximize their potential. She hopes to utilize what she learns from the IPC community to help each client reach their goals. When Kat isn’t in the weight room, she can be found reading cheesy romance novels, hiking with her dog, or thrifting your grandpas’ old clothes (this can be changed to play soccer or spending time with friends and family).