The Iron Performance Center Internship is a unique opportunity to further your knowledge in the field of strength and conditioning while gaining massive amounts of hands-on coaching experience. Strength Coach interns will begin each semester by learning the importance of building relationships, facility organization, and basic coaching responsibility. Over the course of the semester, interns will have unique opportunities to coach with extreme autonomy, navigate assessment and programming challenges, as well as build relationships with athletes, clients and sport coaches in the community.


Working alongside our professional strength staff

Coaching athletes at the high school, collegiate and professional level

Coaching general population clientele

Working with a multitude of different sports and their associated organizations

Working with unique strength training equipment in a high-performance facility

Using a variety of technologies for testing and monitoring purposes

Networking with sport coaches and administrators in the community

Resume building and career enhancement

Business development, marketing strategies and sales tactics

In addition to your time on the floor with our clients, you will be expected to complete valuable learning experiences outside the gym including aiding our coaches with the facilitation of our online offerings, reading assignments, media work, researching, and attending a weekly professional development session. Furthermore, you will be expected to participate in staff lifts when the opportunity presents itself; if we are to enforce a culture of excellence, we must lead from the front. All interns should be comfortable “bending the bar”.


The goal of our internship is two fold. We want to mold you into a great coach. When you leave this program you will represent our facility and we don’t take that lightly. You will have the tools to assess, program for, and coach clients at a rate of proficiency high above the majority of personal trainers and coaches in the industry. Secondly, our internship program is designed to develop future employees. We are Niagara’s best personal and performance training facility. An intern who displays a high level of cohesiveness and technical skills may have the opportunity to be hired as a strength coach at Iron Performance Center.

Let us be clear. This is not an observational internship nor is it a simple resume booster. You will coach athletes and clients all hours of the day to give you a fully immersive experience of what it takes to be a Strength Coach in our industry. You will learn through active participation and close relationships with our staff. Because of the high amount of detail we put into the training of each intern, we only select one to three interns for each semester. It is recommended that interested applicants have a firm background in exercise science and display a high desire to better their craft.

Hard work ethic and phenomenal time management skills are a must, no excuses will be tolerated. Applicants should be extremely passionate and prepared for rigorous days, this internship is very demanding. Please pay close attention to the application process as any errors in regards to following the application process will cause your application to be rejected regardless of the quality of applicant and their experience. Please note this internship is unpaid.

Upon completion, all successful interns will receive a CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION which recognizes:

240 Completed Internship Hours

Competency of Assigned Curriculum


17.5 CSEP PDCs

Minimum Requirements

Be able to commit to one entire semester

Meet MINIMUM expectation of 20 hours per week

Attend ALL PD sessions

Pursuing or have completed a degree in exercise science or kinesiology

Demonstrate strong enthusiasm for learning and teaching

Ability to work hard,  work independently and accept constructive feedback

Have a genuine passion for strength training and fitness

What We Need From You

1-page cover letter outlining why you wish to intern with Iron Performance Center

Resume outlining all relevant experience (professional references encouraged)

Sample training plan

Semester availability

Next Internship semester

Fall Semester: September 18, 2023 - December 15, 2023 (Deadline: September 6, 2023)

To Apply:

Please email all documents in PDF format to info@ironperformance.ca with attention to Coach Myles