The Trick To Improving Your Performance RIGHT NOW

September 15, 2021

Need a catchy intro1) Let's Talk SleepQuality sleep is by far the BEST thing you can do to improve your performance immediately. It's unparalleled when it comes to enhancing recovery, boosting energy and2) Clarifying CortisolCortisol seems to get a bad rap due to it's role as the "stress hormone". Anxiety, fatigue and inflammation are all due in some part to the effects of cortisol, so naturally it lacks some Tik Tok followers. However, we NEED cortisol. It's our fight or flight response. It helps release insulin and even gets us out of bed in the morning. In short, cortisol is the big brother that may beat you up at home but has your back on the schoolyard. Just don't piss him off too long and you'll be fine.