Travel Training Tips

September 15, 2021

One of my clients came to me back in winter of 2016 looking to reduce stress and work on his fitness. He was an extremely busy guy who found himself travelling for work all the time. This wasn't just a conference on occasion or a weekend away type of deal. Nope, he was constantly travelling from state to state, country to country, continent to continent. This guy defines what it means to be busy.Among all of his organized chaos, he was also extremely passionate about keeping up with his fitness and workout routines. He had a great system in place and even carried his own equipment when he could. He had trainers in multiple states of which he visited frequently to keep up his regime and when he couldn't pay them a visit would workout in his hotel using his own bands and body weight. Before I move on I want those reading this to take in what this man does to maintain an active lifestyle. It goes to show you that if health and fitness are a priority for you, you'll find a way to fit something into your schedule. If this guy can find the time, so can you.

Travel Training Tips

For those who find themselves in a more hectic routine or on the road a lot, I've prepared this post for you. My aim is to provide some fitness tips and training tactics that you can utilize throughout the course of your day or travels. I suggest planning ahead and reviewing your travel/business itinerary. The better prepared you are will result in less drastic routine changes. For those who simply feel they cannot find the time to fit in fitness, check these tips out.

1) Schedule Everything

This seems like a no brainer however I find people who say they can't find time simply don't harness the time they DO have. As a rule of thumb, I recommend scheduling everything into your calendar. I personally utilize Google Calendar as I can set reminders, color code events and ensure my time is thoroughly planned for my day. Yes, unexpected things may happen however you can set priorities on your schedule as to what can be shifted and what cannot. After your day is planned out, look for blocks of time to squeeze in a workout. Even if it's 10 minutes here, 20 minutes there, it's still time that can be utilized.

2) Take Advantage of Hotels

Many hotels offer fitness rooms as part of their facilities. When checking in, ask the front desk about their hours and go take a peek. You'd be surprised what you can do with a few dumbbells and a little space. If your hotel doesn't have a fitness center, check for a pool. There are some great cardio or cross training workouts you can do while in the water. Plus, it's joint pain friendly. Lastly, if your hotel has nothing to offer in terms of equipment you still have your room. Yes, you can do some cool things with a chair and body weight. Consider making a bit of space when you get settled so you can get a quick burner in when needed (we'll get to that shortly).

3) Bring Your Own Equipment

A great tip for ensuring you get a great workout in over your travels is to bring some equipment with you. I'm not saying to throw your dumbbells in a suitcase but instead look at strength bands and mini loops. For around $30, you can get a set of strength bands and a mini loop band to bring with you wherever you go. They're easy to transport, great for making gains and are relatively inexpensive. Grab a few and prepare to get creative. Whether it be in your room or in the airport, you can exercise anywhere. If it's at the airport, make sure you take a selfie so I can post it on our website.

4) Pack Some Snacks From Home

This may be a bit harder to accomplish however a big part of fitness comes from nutrition. It's easy to drop dietary habits when travelling so I'd recommend packing some snacks from home. Carry items with quality nutrients that are easy to prepare and don't expire easily. Items like oatmeal, granola, forms of trail mix can be an accessible snack. If you take extra protein in the form of powder, consider packing that with you. Making a shake at the airport or in your hotel room is easy to do and can hold provide sufficient building blocks for your body to utilize. Ensure you check all travel regulations regarding consumable products.

5) Find Time to Relax

At the end of the day, stress is extremely taxing on the body. Hectic days and travel can lead to physiological breakdowns and poor health. As challenging as it is, find time for you. Take in the sights, go for a walk, SLEEP! Whatever time zone you end up in, find time to take a nap or rest. Pack eye covers and a small pillow in your travel bag. If this isn't feasible, a soft travel bag with clothes will do.

Sample Training Circuits

To make things easy for everyone, I've taken the liberty of designing two circuits for on the road travel or hotel stays. Keep in mind these circuits can be interchanged or combined should you wish to do so. My goal is to provide an option for those travelling with a strength band and for those who are just stuck in a hotel room with nothing. Whether on the go or at home, give these circuits a try!CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD YOUR TRAVEL WORKOUTS

In Closing

At the end of the day, if my guy can find time to improve his fitness travelling the globe I'm sure you can reflect on your schedule to squeeze in 20 minutes for a quick burner. Keep in mind that some exercise is always better than none. If you plan on travelling frequently or do so for business purposes, consider taking advantage of your surroundings. Travel prepared with a few pieces of basic equipment and make the most of the time you have for exercise. After all, a healthy body is a passport to conquering life's challenges.Coach Matrixx