IPC is Niagara's football training hub.

Whether you're a high school athlete looking to take their game to the next level, collegiate athlete preparing for the CFL combine, or a CFL player looking to perform at their best each and every season, we've got you covered.

Our extensive training background and assessments allow us to provide you with a comprehensive, personalized, and well-rounded approach to training: strength, power, speed, size, nutrition, and recovery.

Our coaches have a proven track record in the sport of football. Coach Myles is a former university football athlete himself and knows exactly what it takes.

High School: Help you dominate the high school football scene to help make a name for yourself and get recruited so you can play at the next level.
Collegiate: Whether you're looking to move up the depth chart, earn all-canadian honours, or prepare for the CFL combine, we've got you covered.
CFL: Provide a training approach that keeps you both strong and healthy to withstand the rigours of a long and arduous professional season.

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"As a professional athlete, this gym has been an essential part of my training and development. The trainers have helped me get to the next level by their coaching and expertises. Myles and Matrixx are focused and dedicated to help you achieve your goals. They are incredibly knowledgeable and passionate, I can’t wait to get back to IPC in the off season and begin training with them again. I would recommend IPC to anyone who wants a robust training environment dedicated to achieving results. I believe IPC is the best gym in Niagara Region/GTA."



"I honestly can’t say enough about Coach Myles and everyone at IPC. Day in and day out they provide a level of expertise that is unmatched in the Niagara region when it comes to strength and conditioning. Personally coach Myles has been able to shape programs in a manner that have attacked my weakness and gotten me ready to perform at a professional level. One of my favourite parts about IPC and coach Myles is that they give you the reasoning behind everything that you do within your programming. I wouldn’t trust anyone else in the Niagara region when it comes to strength and conditioning! For younger guys looking to play university football (or any sport for that matter) I would highly recommend you get to IPC ASAP. You won’t be disappointed!"



"At IPC, you are walking into a competitive environment designed to maximize your potential and push your limits in a safe and demanding manner. What is most helpful is knowing you have Coach Myles and Coach Matrixx who are committed to helping you achieve your goals no matter what obstacles lie in the way. They will go above and beyond to do so which makes this facility unique in that manner. I would highly recommend IPC to anyone no matter their background in athletics or strength training who are looking to reach the next level!"