IPC is Where Niagara's Top Rowing Talent Trains

From high school rowing to university rowing and beyond, IPC has built a reputation for taking rowing talent to the next level.

Our work with rowers from Brock University, Harvard University, and other teams has allowed us to gain unique perspective on what it takes to help rowers achieve the ideal balance of strength and conditioning.

High School: Help you determine areas of strength and weakness to prepare you for university-level competition.
Collegiate: From building up your endurance to preparing for heightened competition on the water, our strength coaches know what it takes to build strong rowers from front to back.

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"Iron Performance Center is hands down the best gym in the Niagara region. The environment, the coaches and the athletes make this gym like no other. I joined IPC this summer and it was the best decision I made for my rowing career. Coach Matrixx and Coach Myles pushed me to limits I couldn’t imagine going to. They made me into a well-rounded athlete and a better person. I am confident when I head to the University of Victoria that I will be ready for what’s to come. Huge thank you to the strength staff at IPC."



"I have been at Iron Performance Center for almost two years now and it was one of the best decisions I have made for my athletic career. Not only did the staff at Iron Performance Center help me accomplish theathletic goals that I thought were out of reach, they helped me become a more confident person. To me, this made all the difference in my training. You join a family here that is like no other. Every single person in the gym will help push you to be your best. Coach Matrixx and Coach Myles are the best of the best; they are always working and learning to better serve their athletes. I could not have accomplished my goals without them. If you truly want to be an elite athlete this is the place to go. I would recommend Iron Performance to anyone who has a dream; this is where dreams become reality."


Lightweight rower

"I have spent a lot of time training with Matrixx and, as a result, have seen fantastic results and success in rowing. He not only allowed me to build a very solid strength base but also helped to keep me injury-free in a sport that is extremely demanding and relentless to one’s body. In part because of his high quality and meaningful training, I have been admitted to a top U.S. university to compete as a D1 rower!"