We don't just say we're the hardest-working gym in the Niagara Region: our members do. From CEOs to athletes of all levels, see what our members have to say.



"When I first met Matrixx and the Iron Performance staff, I told them my main goal was to build a good routine and get stronger. In return, they were able to provide that for me and more. Iron performance is a family environment with like-minded people. I’ve learned discipline, consistency, and training techniques I can take with me anywhere in the world. Through Iron Performance I was able to take my game to the next level and for that I am extremely grateful!"



"Training at IPC has been such a rewarding experience. Coach Myles and Coach Matrixx always know how to bring the best out of every single one of their athletes. As coaches, they are fully committed to the success of their athletes in the gym, on the playing field and in the classroom. At IPC, the energy, intensity, work ethic and passion is unmatched. The vibe when you walk through the door is infectious. During every training session, I was pushed to limits that I never even knew I was capable of reaching. Thanks to IPC, I am now mentally and physically stronger. Coach Myles and Coach Matrixx instill many important qualities that make us better people and athletes. As athletes, we are extremely lucky to receive constant support from the both of them. They always find a way to come to our games and show their support. There is nothing better than a post-game/post-lift fist bump from Coach Myles or a pat on the back from Coach Matrixx. I am grateful for my experience and I can’t wait for what’s to come."



"Throughout my rowing career, I have been a part of many programs, teams and camps. The culture here at IPC is incomparable. Matrixx and Myles and not only uphold a standard of greatness and hard work, but more importantly they care about you as a person. I started IPC during a tough time in my life when my self confidence was at an all time low and I lacked the direction to where I wanted to take my training. The coaches took the time to get to know me, my goals, and what kind of criticism and coaching I respond to. You will not find a more encouraging and elite place to work towards your goals than Iron Performance."


Georgian court volleyball

"The coaching staff at IPC have helped me become a stronger, more competitive, and more disciplined athlete. The culture at IPC is unmatched to any other, not only have I become stronger physically, but they have helped me become a stronger athlete mentally and emotionally. One of the benefits that I have taken from training at IPC, is that they have taught me to keep myself accountable. Choosing IPC was the best decision I have made for my athletic career, not only for athletics but my work ethic in life itself."


Foligno Calcio Soccer

"I looked at a few options in Niagara for training to help better my athletic performance as a soccer player, but when I found Iron performance I got much more than that. Iron Performance has a motivating atmosphere with other athletes all there for the same reasons. To improve themselves physically and mentally. Matrixx has not helped me with just my physicality, but my mindset and work ethic as well. He is not there just to do his job, he builds a relationship and trust with everyone who goes there and really helps to maximize every session. If you are looking for personal training where you are held accountable to do your best every time you step in the building, I 100% recommend Iron Performance.



"Training at IPC has impacted my life so much over the years. The elite culture is something that you can’t find anywhere else. Not only have I gotten stronger physically but my mental game has been brought to a whole new level since being here. You won't find a gym (or coaches) better than this!"



"The IPC culture is like nothing else in Niagara, both Coach Matrixx and Myles will push you to become the best you can be mentally and physically. When you walk into the gym, everyone treats you like family. While each person is striving to better themselves, they still care about the success of everyone around them. Even on the days that I really had no motivation to train, the moment I started warming up changed my focus. Hearing the music and the weights hitting the floor replaced any objection with excitement. Thanks to IPC, I smashed my goals for training and because of this I would highly recommend IPC to anyone who is driven and wants to become their best self."



"I started it off with no experience or knowledge when it came to strength conditioning training. I have been training here for two months now and my knowledge and my physical performance has sky rocketed. Being safe, pushing myself harder then I ever thought imaginable and seeing great results. This facility and staff is the cleanest and most welcoming place I have ever been in and out of the fitness community. The staff make the extra effort of remembering your name and greeting you from day one. I personally train with Myles and his knowledge and passion for training is extremely contagious making me wake up every morning hoping today is a day at IPC!"



"I signed up with Matrixx to increase my fitness level and get back on track with my health and I knew I needed some structure and accountability to get me started.I had the opportunity to observe Matrixx with other clients at the gym we were in. He was always positive and professional with everyone and that prompted me to give Iron Performance Center a try. It couldn’t have worked out better! My workouts now come first, I LOVE going to the gym, my clothes fit better and I feel great! I might also mention that I am now strong and ABLE. Trixx works hard at making things fit with my abilities, restrictions and schedule. He adapts quickly to changes and is always motivating!"



"Matrixx and his team have put together an absolutely amazing training facility that is one of the best not just in the area but in the province. The custom program helped me in my performance for several strongman competitions as well as the FitCO fitness test!"



"Matrixx from Iron Performance Center was really helpful to our rowing team, and motivating. He made the experience much more enjoyable by constantly pushing us to work our hardest in the gym and in competition. Thank you Iron Performance Center!"



""Working with many trainers, I'm always skeptical when selecting a new one. Matrixx is definitely one of the best. He always communicates areas of focus and the importance in relation to my training."



"As a professional athlete, this gym has been an essential part of my training and development. The trainers have helped me get to the next level by their coaching and expertises. Myles and Matrixx are focused and dedicated to help you achieve your goals. They are incredibly knowledgeable and passionate, I can’t wait to get back to IPC in the off season and begin training with them again. I would recommend IPC to anyone who wants a robust training environment dedicated to achieving results. I believe IPC is the best gym in Niagara Region/GTA."



"The IPC staff have created a culture that is contagious the minute you walk into the gym. The staff along with all the members are there to better themselves and you every day. If you’re looking to improve as a young athlete, as a professional athlete or just improve your health in general, IPC is the only option. Myles had me ready to go for another season of professional hockey. Myles gave me the confidence to walk into the rink knowing my body was ready. All I had to do was play, the hard work was already done. I strongly recommend IPC, and I hope to see you there!"



"At IPC, you are walking into a competitive environment designed to maximize your potential and push your limits in a safe and demanding manner. What is most helpful is knowing you have Coach Myles and Coach Matrixx who are committed to helping you achieve your goals no matter what obstacles lie in the way. They will go above and beyond to do so which makes this facility unique in that manner. I would highly recommend IPC to anyone no matter their background in athletics or strength training who are looking to reach the next level!"



"this gym so special. Working with Coach Paul has helped me get ready for this upcoming baseball season by using specific programming. Paul has motivated me and encouraged me to break my goals and to set new ones as my journey at IPC continues. I have already seen massive gains in my strength a mndset and I truly cannot thank them enough for what they have done so far. I can honestly say that IPC is the place to go if you’re looking to improve as an athlete. This is the place where dreams turn into reality."  



"Working out with Matrixx at IPC is one of the highlights of our week. He is always enthusiastic, motivating, and making sure our workouts are challenging, hard and in line with our goals. Matrixx’s knowledge is what makes the sessions so special, as he can quickly adapt and change exercises to account for any injuries or soreness. He balances hard work with smart training. We would 100% recommend the IPC to any athlete or individual looking to improve their strength and conditioning."



"Iron Performance Center is hands down the best gym in the Niagara region. The environment, the coaches and the athletes make this gym like no other. I joined IPC this summer and it was the best decision I made for my rowing career. Coach Matrixx and Coach Myles pushed me to limits I couldn’t imagine going to. They made me into a well-rounded athlete and a better person. I am confident when I head to the University of Victoria that I will be ready for what’s to come. Huge thank you to the strength staff at IPC."



"I’ve been working out at the Iron Performance center for the past two years and it’s hands down the best decision I’ve ever made for my athletic career. The culture at IPC is unmatched. Coach Myles and Coach Matrixx care deeply about their athlete's development and want nothing more but to see them succeed. While working out at the IPC not only did I get stronger physically but mentally as well. My hard work in the gym paid off and really showed on the court. I started smashing the goals I set for myself and felt so much stronger and faster. I can say with full confidence that I would not be where I am today without the help of Coach Myles and Coach Trixx. The IPC is like a big family; they push those around them as well. Whether you’re a young athlete or someone just wanting to get stronger, IPC is the best gym to help you achieve your goals."


Wenatchee Wild

"IPC creates an environment for anyone to be successful. Whether you are training for sport or personal fitness, the coaches and atmosphere drive athletes to fulfill their goals. IPC has provided me with personalized strength training for hockey. After my first off-season at IPC, I can honestly say I have improved my speed, strength, power and mobility. The knowledge and personal gains I have developed this off-season will stay with me as I head into my first season in the British Columbia Hockey League. Watching Coach Matrixx and Coach Myles be so passionate about training makes it a lot easier to come in and push yourself everyday. Since beginning training with Coach Matrixx, I have seen tremendous growth in my physicality and my mind set. If there is one person that knows how to get the most out of people, it is Coach Matrixx."



"I have been at Iron Performance Center for almost two years now and it was one of the best decisions I have made for my athletic career. Not only did the staff at Iron Performance Center help me accomplish theathletic goals that I thought were out of reach, they helped me become a more confident person. To me, this made all the difference in my training. You join a family here that is like no other. Every single person in the gym will help push you to be your best. Coach Matrixx and Coach Myles are the best of the best; they are always working and learning to better serve their athletes. I could not have accomplished my goals without them. If you truly want to be an elite athlete this is the place to go. I would recommend Iron Performance to anyone who has a dream; this is where dreams become reality."



"In my personal experience, Iron Performance Center is a great gym to go to if you're looking for results. With adaptable training methods, it's a strong fit for anyone willing to put in effort and reach for a higher standard. This could be the average Joe looking to lose a few pounds or someone who is joining the army in 9 weeks (me). Overall it was a great experience and would gladly go back when I get the chance"



"I have been training at this facility for some time now. The staff (Matrixx & Myles), atmosphere, equipment, cleanliness and experience they bring is second to none. They have people training there from all walks of life, from pro athletes to your everyday people like me, and structure the program to suit your lifestyle. I would highly recommend this to anyone no matter where you are at in your fitness journey."


lightweight rower

"I have spent a lot of time training with Matrixx and, as a result, have seen fantastic results and success in rowing. He not only allowed me to build a very solid strength base but also helped to keep me injury-free in a sport that is extremely demanding and relentless to one’s body. In part because of his high quality and meaningful training, I have been admitted to a top U.S. university to compete as a D1 rower!"


Western U Football

"IPC is the spot if you want to take your training experience to the next level. It’s where you can expect to be pushed to your limits and beyond. The training programs are compiled to suit your personal needs. From explosiveness to mobility, the staff is well educated to set you up for success in your training goals. If someone is a young athlete looking to move forward to the next level, IPC is the perfect spot for them. They know what it takes to excel and be physically and mentally ready. It’s not an easy jump to make and I believe elite athletes need what the IPC family offers. To share a little from my experience, I came to Myles going into my 5th year of university football with many injuries as well as specific goals for myself. Myles was able to help manage nagging injuries as well as hit all my goals and more. His knowledge, enthusiasm and experience made it all possible. Going to IPC was the best thing I could have done to maximize my off-season."



"I have been working out with Coach Trixx at IPC for just over a year and a half, and in the fall of 2020, I will be attending my dream school: Harvard University. Coach Trixx and the IPC staff helped develop me into a stronger, smarter, and more competitive athlete. What makes IPC stand out is the level of care, attention, and dedication put into every aspect of the athlete. We have focused on trying to minimize my weaknesses and capitalize on my strengths, all while staying injury-free. I have seen gains go past the physical level as I developed confidence with myself and my sport-specific abilities. As I transition into the next phase of my life, I am confident in my ability to succeed at the collegiate level.  Through IPC, I have learned how to take care of myself as an athlete so as to have a longer, more successful career. I can confidently say that Coach Trixx has helped elevate my game and instilled the tools to achieve success at whatever I set out to accomplish."



"I’ve been training with Matrixx at IPC for a little shy of a year now, but I can confidently say that choosing to train here has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. The coaching staff at IPC are unlike any other coaches I have worked with; they are extremely devoted to their work and are eager to help their clients excel in every way possible. Not only has training with Matrixx pushed me to become a better athlete physically, but mentally as well. He has always been committed to helping me achieve my goals, and he continuously goes out of his way to make my training the best it can be. Since training at IPC, I have seen tremendous improvements in all areas of my sport performance and I am excited to continue training! The staff here want nothing but the best for every person that walks into their gym. All they ask for in return is hard work and a positive attitude. I highly recommend IPC to anyone who is simply willing to put in the work and be dedicated to their training."



"IPC isn't just a gym. It's a place where you get big, fast and strong while picking up a life lesson or two. I've been working with Matrixx and have been overly impressed with the work he puts in to each of his athletes. Matrixx has helped prepared me for the intensity and physical demands of university basketball. I increased my weight, become more agile and continue to improve conditioning test scores!"



"Preparing for the Wrestling World Championships meant a tough road ahead. I had to be in the best shape of my life while being mentally tough and focused. Coach Matrixx and the Iron Performance Center staff ensured my training was optimized and focused for what I needed to do. I progressively got stronger while recovering faster. They truly helped prepare me for one of the biggest tournaments of my life."



"Iron Performance Center is by far the best gym I’ve ever been to! The coaches, Matrixx and Myles, are dedicated and go above and beyond on making you the best possible athlete that you can be. Iron Performance Center has a great environment and is overall great experience for atheletes looking to up their game. Thank you Iron Performance Center!"  



"Matrixx is a fantastic conditioning expert. He truly is a professional with his knowledge and ability to transfer the skills from the weight room to real life. The facility is super clean and the equipment is high quality."



"After a devastating spinal injury, I wanted to return to being able to squat and deadlift. You've helped me battle past psychological roadblocks and instilled confidence so that I am able to do so."



"Training with Iron Performance Center is one of the best decisions I've made for my football careeer. Coach Myles and Matrixx are incredible at helping atletes grow beyond what they believe is capable!"



"After knowing Coach Myles for a couple years from playing football with the Niagara Spears and him coaching me, I knew how good of a leader and how driven he is. Myles suggested I start training with him at IPC and I couldn't be any happier being there. The chemistry between Myles and Matrixx is unmatched. Training there since March has helped me become a better athlete on the field and student in the classroom! Myles has helped with any weak points in my lifting and any weak points in my game."



"IPC is the spot in Niagara if you want to get your body right for the season or just to get some good work in. Myles is a great trainer that knows what he’s doing. He also lets you know why you’re doing a specific movement so you have a better understanding of why you’re doing the exercises. The gym has a great atmosphere, especially when you get with a group of guys/girls that are going to challenge you to do more. 10/10 would recommend for athletes all ages and even people just looking to stay in shape."



"IPC is the best spot in the Niagara region for athletes who are willing to work hard. IPC has provided me with an incredible off-season training experience. The coaching staff is always trying to help me get to the next level. The coaches at IPC have immense knowledge in strength training, and are always trying to learn more! Having coaches who are passionate and love what they do has created an exceptional culture at IPC. Personally, Coach Myles has been instrumental to my off-season training."



"By being flexible, Matrixx has helped me work past my reservations!"



"Performance does matter, thanks to Iron Performance!"



"Matrixx is a great motivator and I have been very happy with his commitment!"


PARTNER, DBJ Accountants

"I’ve been training with Matrixx at IPC consistently for over 4 years and have seen the well rounded progress that I was looking for. What I appreciate most about Matrixx is the intensity that he brings to each of MY workouts – it’s hard to not give my best when he is giving that much attention and effort to what I’m doing. His approach is a good blend of being encouraging but firm and he is patient in ensuring form and technique are on point. I’ve found I’ve worked out harder than ever before yet recover well and look forward to the next challenging session ahead. I’m in the best shape of my life and believe that being a part of IPC has been instrumental in getting here. Congrats to IPC for putting together a truly top notch training facility, loaded with high quality equipment and trainers!"


thorold firefighter

"I used Iron Performance to help prepare me for the CPAT physical testing to become hired as a volunteer firefighter for the city of Thorold. Matrixx was very knowledgeable about the test requirements. His coaching style combined with his comprehensive training programs allowed me to ace my CPAT and become hired with the Fire Hall. His help was tremendous and greatly appreciated" 



"I honestly can’t say enough about Coach Myles and everyone at IPC. Day in and day out they provide a level of expertise that is unmatched in the Niagara region when it comes to strength and conditioning. Personally coach Myles has been able to shape programs in a manner that have attacked my weakness and gotten me ready to perform at a professional level. One of my favourite parts about IPC and coach Myles is that they give you the reasoning behind everything that you do within your programming. I wouldn’t trust anyone else in the Niagara region when it comes to strength and conditioning! For younger guys looking to play university football (or any sport for that matter) I would highly recommend you get to IPC ASAP. You won’t be disappointed!"



"I walked into IPC during a tough time in my life, both professionally and personally. Back to back major injuries had depleted both my body and mind. I didn't know what to expect going to IPC, I just knew I needed a change. It very quickly became a lot more than that for me. Myles and Trixx took me in and got to know me on a deeper level. They cared; I felt that my goals became their goals. The environment at IPC is incredible. It's a winning culture in that building, full of positive people who care and want to see you succeed. It was a highlight in my day to get to the gym and be in that environment. I was pushed and held accountable for every rep every day. I spent two years recovering from my injury and Myles had me ready to play in a few months. Whether you're a pro athlete or someone looking to better themselves, know that you're a priority at IPC. I can't wait to get back for another summer."